Badass Locomotive is now on!

Hey Guys,

Badass Locomotive is now on the excellent store, for 0.99€.

Go check it out!



Hey Guys

In addition to iOS and Android, Vertical Void DX is now on Ouya!

It features an all-new interface, improved visuals, more fidelity, and improved stability.

Go check it out, you can find it on the Ouya-Store :D


Now on Android!

Unstopaball DX and Vertical Void DX are now available on Android! You can grab them here and here respectively.

If you'd rather have the iOS-versions, they are here and here.


Vertical Void DX is live!

My Ludum-Dare-October-Challenge-Game Vertical Void DX just got accepted into the AppStore. Get it while it's hot! (And the 50% launch-discount is on :)

  • An endlessly generated cave-system
  • iOS Tilt-controls!
  • 12 unique caves
  • Awesome glowing crystals!

Go Get It



Badass Locomotive just got released on Desura!

Desura Digital Distribution
 All the builds can be found there, including Mac & PC-demos.

Badass Release!

The world's premier hat-based train-simulator is now available for Mac and PC!

Go check out the shop for all available services. You can get it from Indievania, Indiecity and Directly from me

Coming soon: Desura.

More information on

Badass Trailer

Hey everybody,

Go check out the new trailer for Badass Locomotive:

Out June 29th.



Hey guys,

The BecauseWeMay-sale/protest is on, and for the week of May 24th to June 1st Unstoppabll DX is free to download.

Get It now!


Unstoppaball DX 1.1

Unstoppaball DX 1.1 is now live. It includes

- Less bugs!
- Better performance!
- Fixed the pointer-bug
- Fixed the broken-crate-bug

To celebrate, the price is down 66% permanently.

Go check it out, it's only a buck.


DX trailer

Just finished the trailer for Unstoppaball DX. Enjoy!

Go play.


Unstoppaball DX

My first iPhone-game, Unstoppaball DX, has just been approved into the AppStore, and it now available for you convenience.

Use your skills in this pysics-puzzler to navigate a fragile ball through 30 dangerous environments, all whilst avoiding enemies and searching for fragments.

  • Motion controls, you move your ball by tilting the iDevice
  • 30 unique levels – every one of them offers a different challenge
  • 2 distinct artstyles – play in the aqueduct and cyberspace
  • Ball-customization, with 36 balls available
  • Hidden secrets in every level! Can you find them all?
  • An awesome death-sequence
  • Awesome atmospheric soundtrack
  • Stat-tracking system, showing you how often precisely you shattered into a thousand pieces
  • 12 deep achievements, you keep you motivated

Go play, or visit the website for more information.



Hi there!

This is the website/blog of Nuclear Wombat, game-design-studio consisting of Matthias Zarzecki.

More news to come soon.